Personal coach for
your thoughts

6000 thoughts is the easiest way to create clarity of thought, identify thinking traps and get peace of mind

You are already doing it

We constantly talk to ourselves

but never learn how to talk to our self

Turn chaos to clarity

Let it all out

Writing's great but have you tried talking?Less self censorship, less effort to structure and can be done in the moment or on the go

Get distance

Reflect and become aware

Hear yourself say it, look at it, read it back to yourselfNo longer just in your head6000 creates distance from our thoughts and this leads to objectivity and perspective

Achieve breakthroughs

Break out of patterns

Instant summarization of themes, identification of thinking biases and analysis of patternsBeing aware, is half the battle won

Never feel stuck

Build your mental toolkit

We don't have 10000 hours to achieve mastery and then work on ourselves.
Use frameworks and tools that will help you NOW.

6000 is private

Your safe space to feel supported and heard

We built 6000 for ourselves and use it to live more intentionally. We would not want somebody to collect or sell our data around our thoughts.So, we don't.

Make it your own

Tell us your stories

Do you have ideas for us? Something is not working the way it should?Please leave a message

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